Back to square one...SERIOUSLY!

OK, so apparently I've been gone from my blog world for SIX months. Seriously doesn't seem that long, but I guess the date to my last post prove so. Anyways, this whole diet, be healthy, look hot again, so on crap seemed to be just a phase I was in. Lately, well for a long while I have been feeling not like myself. I have no clue if its life, stress, being a mother, or WOMAN period. I have absolutely no drive to exercise or pushing away from the table. Pushing away from the table? Seriously seems so funny to me because I don't consider myself a compulsive eater, hmm! Something I should think further about I guess. I mean I don't sit at my table continuously does that make me not able to push away from the table. Who Knows at this point!

Anyways, we are officially in the FALL season here in Texas, sure doesn't feel like it though. I decided to start taking out my Fall/Winter clothing just to see what needed to be replaced and tossed. I can't say I was surprised about my discovery since I did eat a crap load of Chinese food the night before with ice cream to top it off. And not just any ice cream...Reese's Peanut Buttercups for that matter, Delicious!  I have to mention I do have a lot of cute sweaters, pants, leggings, and coats. Once, everything was out the box and placed on my bed by categories. I began trying things on...BIG DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! 

Almost to nothing FIT my PHAT ass! Ugh! I have to remind myself I was so much lighter last year than today. All my XL to L blouses, sweaters, and coats no longer fit. You could literally see my fat roll.  Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING looked like it had been painted on my body. Not to mention my jeans, and slacks only made it up my thigh. Seriously, out of a whole  what I call collection of clothing did not fit. So then it comes the guilt trip. You know we all have that moment where we make excuses for why OUR clothes don't fit us. We've been under a whole crap load of stress, work is busy this season, or my favorite- "We all need to be spoiled every now and then,"

Whatever the excuse my be this time I need to get my BUTT back to gear. My birthday is less than a week away and the looks of things I am probably going to weigh the same as I did last year, DEPRESSING! I woke up today feeling like its time I get back into my workout self. It must be the visions of me not fitting into my clothes that gave me this unbelievable drive. After dropping of my son at school I decided to go for a walk/power walk/jog.  I am proud to announce I worked it for 30 minutes. Not normally what I usually work out, but thought maybe since my last weight loss journey I start off fast maybe I should slow the pace in hopes it gets me back into the jive of things.

Day One of exercise- DOWN!

I have also decided I will be keeping up with my blog. Hope it gives me my inspiration back to lose this weight. For those who are still following I am sorry for letting you down, but I have so new things in store..Stay tuned!

                                                                                                    <3 Done being Phat

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