Back to square one...SERIOUSLY!

OK, so apparently I've been gone from my blog world for SIX months. Seriously doesn't seem that long, but I guess the date to my last post prove so. Anyways, this whole diet, be healthy, look hot again, so on crap seemed to be just a phase I was in. Lately, well for a long while I have been feeling not like myself. I have no clue if its life, stress, being a mother, or WOMAN period. I have absolutely no drive to exercise or pushing away from the table. Pushing away from the table? Seriously seems so funny to me because I don't consider myself a compulsive eater, hmm! Something I should think further about I guess. I mean I don't sit at my table continuously does that make me not able to push away from the table. Who Knows at this point!

Anyways, we are officially in the FALL season here in Texas, sure doesn't feel like it though. I decided to start taking out my Fall/Winter clothing just to see what needed to be replaced and tossed. I can't say I was surprised about my discovery since I did eat a crap load of Chinese food the night before with ice cream to top it off. And not just any ice cream...Reese's Peanut Buttercups for that matter, Delicious!  I have to mention I do have a lot of cute sweaters, pants, leggings, and coats. Once, everything was out the box and placed on my bed by categories. I began trying things on...BIG DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! 

Almost to nothing FIT my PHAT ass! Ugh! I have to remind myself I was so much lighter last year than today. All my XL to L blouses, sweaters, and coats no longer fit. You could literally see my fat roll.  Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING looked like it had been painted on my body. Not to mention my jeans, and slacks only made it up my thigh. Seriously, out of a whole  what I call collection of clothing did not fit. So then it comes the guilt trip. You know we all have that moment where we make excuses for why OUR clothes don't fit us. We've been under a whole crap load of stress, work is busy this season, or my favorite- "We all need to be spoiled every now and then,"

Whatever the excuse my be this time I need to get my BUTT back to gear. My birthday is less than a week away and the looks of things I am probably going to weigh the same as I did last year, DEPRESSING! I woke up today feeling like its time I get back into my workout self. It must be the visions of me not fitting into my clothes that gave me this unbelievable drive. After dropping of my son at school I decided to go for a walk/power walk/jog.  I am proud to announce I worked it for 30 minutes. Not normally what I usually work out, but thought maybe since my last weight loss journey I start off fast maybe I should slow the pace in hopes it gets me back into the jive of things.

Day One of exercise- DOWN!

I have also decided I will be keeping up with my blog. Hope it gives me my inspiration back to lose this weight. For those who are still following I am sorry for letting you down, but I have so new things in store..Stay tuned!

                                                                                                    <3 Done being Phat

Simple Question turned into COMPLICATIONS

Walking to class today I ran into an old friend. Like everyone who knows each other we stopped and chatted. The first thing she told me was "you look good girl!" As much as I wanted to say "yea I know..Lol!" I looked at her like damn I must have looked really bad back then and you failed not to tell me..Ugh! This very statement got me thinking that people in our lives fail to tell us the truth. Is it because they don't want to hurt our feelings? Afraid of our reaction? Or just accept us for our faults? Though we all have different friends for different aspect of our lives are they really friends. I put myself in the shoes of my friends and I can't say I would know what to tell me. How would you start off an awkward conversation to a friend you care about? Seriously even if my friends would have brought up the health card I probably wouldn't pay much mind to it. For me this whole journey has been something that I needed to be ready for. I believe that I wouldn't be where I am today weight wise if I wasn't ready. Too many times of not wanting to lose the weight those fads died. Now that I want it and can taste a little bit of victory I'm all for it.

Another question that came up in our conversation was "How have you been?" Good question, how have I been? Wow, did she have hours to actually hear how I have been? I replied “I’m doing good...” Really have I been good? Sometimes I find myself replying quickly just to get out of that awkwardness of question asking. Well lately life has been throwing me curves and making life even more complicated than I already think it is.

Complication #1: Boys!!!

Who ever said when you lose weight the boy issues gets easier? They LIED!! It doesn't make it easier just more complicated. I've never been a boy magnet, but have had my fair share. I think I have dated at least one boy from each category: the nice, mean, and the ugly! LOL Okay maybe not necessarily in that order or category, but it sure does feel that way. I just imagined me losing a ton of weight would leave a reaction from boys that I have never felt before. So far that’s so not happening. I've never been one to need someone or want someone to want me. My whole concept was if it happens it happens and if doesn't it doesn't. What girl in there right mind doesn't like attention? I love how I keep using boys and girls like if I am in grade school, haha! I guess its a little part of me trying to hold on to my youth. For me losing weight and boys comes neck in neck of driving me crazy. The jealously is one of the man things for me that makes the whole boys complication complicated. Instead of a guy appreciating you for your accomplishment and wanting to be apart of that accomplishment they make it about "jealously." They automatically think your losing weight for someone other than them. Please guys don't flatter your self!! One pet peeve of mine when it comes to relationship is jealously. I can't stand it and don't accept it. Here goes another reason why guys think your losing weight... Are you trying to look better than me? Make me feel bad? I literally laughed my ass off on this one. First of all I know I already look better than you, no trying there. =) Guys just can't sit back and enjoy the ride or be apart of it. I will never completely wrap my head around why guys think you're losing weight for someone else. At this point I am just done with it. Done with the guy drama and there flatter ness. Well at least until I meet that one that changes my mind. ;)

Complication#2 School!!!

So life as a college student…. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Nope!! I guess my college days wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have other responsibilities to come with it. The whole party like a rock star days are done. Which really isn’t a bad thing on my part because I’m not really into the whole college party life, must be a getting older phase. I don’t get the point of waking up early, rushing to class just to have a Professor talk about their weekend fun. Don’t get me wrong I rather listen to blah, blah, blah at home in my P J’s sipping on hot tea. Ok maybe I’m being a little drastic, but I rather be doing something else then listen to why Mr. Ed doesn’t like Sally the dog. I have had some really good professors, but getting to the end of my college path I just want to get straight to the point. Like lectures aren’t boring enough why assign work that doesn’t pertain to the FREAKIN class. Or assigning homework that isn’t going to be graded, ugh!


Who has a social life these days when you’re a full-time mom, college student, and employee? Me, me, me! Well not really a social life I would say. I rarely do anything for fun because my world is centered on my son and school. Yup you’re thinking I’m pretty boring, but you know I rather be boring. I love spending time with my son and watching him grow up each day is so much fulfilling than going out with friends. Plus being in school doesn’t make any matters better. I have had some bumps in the road as far as school goes which lead me proving myself. I am blessed though to have some of the truest, kindest, warmest, caring friends. My friends accept me as I am and are countable. They understand motherhood and school are my focus. I get together with them as much as time permits. We even get together with the kiddos, which is always fun. I am so proud to say that I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for. Since I rarely go out they always make it relaxing and enjoyable when we do hangout. So the complication #3 really doesn't fit this section other than that I hardly have a social life,lol!

And Finally Complication#4 WEIGHT LOSS
Anyone thats on this same journey knows right off the bat that  its a tough journey. I mean you changed all old habits, but some find a  way to creep up on you. I am all for the healthy now which on my end is exciting. I feel for my family and friends though because thats all I seem to talk about these days. If its not how my workouts are, which new machines I tried, excercise classes, new recipes I've tried its about what my next goal is going to be. Geez, my family and friends must love me since they hardly complain about my blah, blah, blah. I just want to share this whole new me with everyone and hope to touch others in the process. I name weight loss a complication because it is. Its not easy though I always manage to stay on my game. I find myself being mad at my own self for failing on not staying on track with things. Everday is a battle.  Losing weight is a battle. You have to conquer temptations when they arise, you have to make sure you get enough workout in to burn calories, and the list goes on.

So when my friend asked me how I was doing these complications is how I am doing. These complications along with motherhood is how I am doing. I know I could be worst off, but who isn't. I now wonder what goes further than a simple responce I get. I mean now when I ask others "How are you doing?" How are they really doing?

Till Next Time..

Done Phat Chic

And the winner is...

“Ladies and Gentlemen lets hear it for Miss Jessica…Losing a whooping 6.4lbs on the Ugly Cupcake Society FIRST CHALLENGE!!”

Ok well maybe that was a bit much, but so UNBELIEVEABLE. As much as it was a shock to be announced the winner I was also in disbelief. One thing I NEVER may I repeat NEVER win anything, more less a challenge. I really needed this challenge to prove to myself that my journey is well along its way. Like many of you I get discouraged and feel like this journey is way too long. Conclusion is that we are human and we are ALLOWED to feel like that.

It mind boggles me that people who have never been over weight or struggled obtaining a healthy weight completely understands this journey. Too many times people say to me “oh you’re losing weight .That great, but so easy.” Seriously, it’s not as easy as it looks. Its beyond me that people think that losing weight isn't a big deal. Um Hello it is!! Especially if you have struggled with weight issues your whole life. So to me its kinda a BIG deal.

All in all I am excited that I have finally won something that I am getting good at.

"Winning means  you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.."
                                                                                                            -Vince Lombardi

Done Phat Chic

Sexy Bitch! :)

"Damn a Sexy Bitch..a sexy bitch..damn you a sexy bitch..She's nothing like you've ever seen before. Nothing you can compare to your neighboorhood hoe. I'm tryna find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful...."

I know that must have been a crazy way to start out a blog, but I accomplished something today by getting hyped by that  song. I was at the gym where I always am in the morning.  I was warming up by walking on the treadmill for about 10 min max soon after I start my run for the day. I will be the first to say that I need crazy upbeat music to get me through my workouts and runs in general. When my music is blasting from my ipod I get lost in it. I completely forget about the time on the treadmill and start singing and head bopping while running. The other gym members probably think I am crazy because there are times where I bust out singing.Haha!  There has been times where I am singing and look over next to me and see someone laughing or smiling at me. One morning when leaving the gym this lady walked up to me and said "it looked like you had a blast during your workout today." I smiled and said to her "I have to do what I got to do to make this!" While I was running this song came on and well I kept playing it over and over and by the time I knew it I had ran an extra mile and completely forgot about the time left. I literally got lost in this song.  I kept playing it to remain hyped through my run. That just goes to show you that todays music is workoutable. Wait is that even a word? Oh well it is now.

Hopefully sharing that with you all will keep you open minded about your workout music. Great things can occur when you least expect them. Anyways, I have been so over whelmed with homework and motherhood that I haven't been able to blog in what seems like forever. I hope everyone had a great EASTER. I wish I could sit here and say to you all that my good habits were in place on EASTER. Totally not the case,boo me! I did well portion control wise it was the SWEETS that got me. I think I had more than a couple of mini cupcakes..then came cookies..and candy. You better believe I was bummed that night, but then I thought I hardly ever do that so one day isn't going to hurt. I decided the next morning not to weigh myself because for sure I would be depressed. And when I get that feeling it makes me not want to stay focus and feel like everything that I have accomplished to that point is worthless. Instead I pushed myself harder through my workout that day. Its important to accept what you did and move forward. Just because you had one bad temptation day doesn't mean your whole journey is DONE. Accept it and move on!

Ok so today was the offical weigh in day for the FIRST Ugly Cupcake Society challenge. I feel like I could have pushed myself hard, but I'm still pleased with the end weight. I am just so anxious to see who takes the WIN.  I will post once the WINNER as been revealed.

Done Phat Chic

Day 1

One day down and 6 more days to go..Day one was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I didn't get a workout in today do to not feeling well. Basically I kept my calorie count down since I wasn't going to be working out today. Hopefully I will be up for a run tomorrow. My food log may look out of whack, but keep in mind I haven't been feeling well today, and didn't have an appetite. This is not by far what my daily food log looks like..

Breakfast-Protein shake from Jamba Juice

Late Lunch-Grilled fish,cajun rice, and veggies from Long John Silvers

Snack-Apple sauce

Dinner-Half a Special K meal bar

It kinda suxs that I wasn't able to burn any calories today, but I hope to be up tomorrow morning for a run. I'm still feeling a little under the weather, but I wanted to blog day one before heading back to sleep.

Done Phat Chic

The Ugly Cupcake Society Challenge

Ok, remember the exciting blog I bumped into during the week well I am now a VERY proud member of the Ugly Cupcake Society. I am SUPER excited to be a part of this society simply because everything that the Ugly Cupcake Society stands for I believe. I may not be a top notch cupcake, but I am happy with being different.

Last night I signed up for the first Ugly Cupcake Challenge. The challenge is to lose 5 lbs. in one week. Can it be done? Well you will have to stay tuned and find out if it can be! I honestly believe that anything can be achieved if your mind is put to the test.
So tonight I ate my last enjoyable meal like I always do before starting a new diet. I kinda over did it with the ice cream sandwich that was calling my name in the freezer. I wish that was the only food calling my name. I cooked my favorite Enchilda w/hashbrown dinner for dinner. I snacked while making them so I ended up eating one enchilda, a scoop of beans, and hashbrowns. I usually drink water with all my meals, but yesterday knowing that I was going on this challenge diet, I drank a soda. I wish I could say it was a 12oz can, but it turns out to be a 24oz. bottle. I have no idea what came over me, but I know that my cal count was well over what was suppose to be consumed.

I am excited to start this weight loss challenge tomorrow, because like many defeat isn’t an option for me. I have been on and off the wagon of dieting. I really needed something to pick me up again and make me accountable. As I sit here blogging I am making the promise to you and myself that I am going to follow this challenge through. Through with no sneek ups or cheat meals. I am going to blog my daily meals and workouts so I can be accountable to myself for each day. I will not weigh myself until the morning of April 9th when weigh in is due. Wish me luck!

Done Phat Chic

I'm Done..

A couple of days ago I was reading some of the blogs that I follow and came across a very instresting point of view. A point of view of being different than others, but also accepting yourself in its entirely. Everyone seriously needs to check out the blog website of This woman came up with the comparison of a cupcake and a muffin. The cupcake being a the most beautiful, perfectly tanned, shiny hair, perfect body, and makeup perfectly put on. This would be your typical perfect girl accepted by society. On the other hand you have a muffin whose hair isn't so perfectly placed, makeup not to its perfection, skin that isn't as shiny, and body which appears unportion.

This woman's blog made perfect sense to me on how I was a muffin. I have never been that one person to be completely accepted by society or community for that matter. I am the muffin with the pretty face, but body doesn't match. I am the muffin that every guy sees as "Your pretty, but we are better as friends." I'm the muffin with the brains, but not so hot. I am the muffin with the unportion body. The muffin whose tan gets done by the good old sun. The muffin that is better as a friend than a girlfriend.

For most of my life I felt exactly how this woman put it. "The Muffin.." Too many times I have been in situations where I felt that I just wasn't good enough. I have never been one to admire what others have, but I have thought about what it would be like to be what everyone considers "average normal." To me that is the girl who can put on a brand name pair of jeans and make heads turn. The girl who puts little efforts in her appearance and still looks hot. The girl who can eat a snicker bar w/a coke and not gain any WEIGHT.

I shouldn't say unfortuantely because I have been blessed with some of lifes blessings, but I'm not the cupcake. I have struggled with weight for as far as I can think of. I couldn't always wear the "in" style clothing because they rarely carried my size. I never had the perfect flowing hair, but at least I had hair. I'm not the girl that guys chased. Reading that part over it doesn't seem so bad, but I guess at times it could be. I was always the friend or cousin that got asked about the friend/cousin. I was the friend who gave advice to things I've never experienced. The friend who is asked to tag along on a date so the friend isn't scared.

This is by far not the reason for my weight loss journey. I am losing weight for me. Its in order for me to lead and be an example to others as well as my son that nothing is impossible. Its in order for me to set the example for many and make aware that your health is important. I'm not going to sit here and say that the fashion or attention is not part of it. Because if I did I would be lying. It does play a very small factor in the equation. What woman doesn't want to look and feel her best? Who doesn't want to wear the "in" fashion? Who doesn't want to be asked out on a date? Or admired because you look good? If anyone can tell you those things don't matter they are the ones lying.

Sure, I'm not being chased, but my time will come. And I can't eat a snicker bar without making the scale move. I have to workout a ton to lose weight. I eat like what many call a "bird," but I am content. I am on this jjourney to finally discover me at its full potential. So what does it matter if we are muffins? Accept who you are in your own skin and remember change starts with you.

Done Phat Chic :)