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A couple of days ago I was reading some of the blogs that I follow and came across a very instresting point of view. A point of view of being different than others, but also accepting yourself in its entirely. Everyone seriously needs to check out the blog website of This woman came up with the comparison of a cupcake and a muffin. The cupcake being a the most beautiful, perfectly tanned, shiny hair, perfect body, and makeup perfectly put on. This would be your typical perfect girl accepted by society. On the other hand you have a muffin whose hair isn't so perfectly placed, makeup not to its perfection, skin that isn't as shiny, and body which appears unportion.

This woman's blog made perfect sense to me on how I was a muffin. I have never been that one person to be completely accepted by society or community for that matter. I am the muffin with the pretty face, but body doesn't match. I am the muffin that every guy sees as "Your pretty, but we are better as friends." I'm the muffin with the brains, but not so hot. I am the muffin with the unportion body. The muffin whose tan gets done by the good old sun. The muffin that is better as a friend than a girlfriend.

For most of my life I felt exactly how this woman put it. "The Muffin.." Too many times I have been in situations where I felt that I just wasn't good enough. I have never been one to admire what others have, but I have thought about what it would be like to be what everyone considers "average normal." To me that is the girl who can put on a brand name pair of jeans and make heads turn. The girl who puts little efforts in her appearance and still looks hot. The girl who can eat a snicker bar w/a coke and not gain any WEIGHT.

I shouldn't say unfortuantely because I have been blessed with some of lifes blessings, but I'm not the cupcake. I have struggled with weight for as far as I can think of. I couldn't always wear the "in" style clothing because they rarely carried my size. I never had the perfect flowing hair, but at least I had hair. I'm not the girl that guys chased. Reading that part over it doesn't seem so bad, but I guess at times it could be. I was always the friend or cousin that got asked about the friend/cousin. I was the friend who gave advice to things I've never experienced. The friend who is asked to tag along on a date so the friend isn't scared.

This is by far not the reason for my weight loss journey. I am losing weight for me. Its in order for me to lead and be an example to others as well as my son that nothing is impossible. Its in order for me to set the example for many and make aware that your health is important. I'm not going to sit here and say that the fashion or attention is not part of it. Because if I did I would be lying. It does play a very small factor in the equation. What woman doesn't want to look and feel her best? Who doesn't want to wear the "in" fashion? Who doesn't want to be asked out on a date? Or admired because you look good? If anyone can tell you those things don't matter they are the ones lying.

Sure, I'm not being chased, but my time will come. And I can't eat a snicker bar without making the scale move. I have to workout a ton to lose weight. I eat like what many call a "bird," but I am content. I am on this jjourney to finally discover me at its full potential. So what does it matter if we are muffins? Accept who you are in your own skin and remember change starts with you.

Done Phat Chic :)

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