The Ugly Cupcake Society Challenge

Ok, remember the exciting blog I bumped into during the week well I am now a VERY proud member of the Ugly Cupcake Society. I am SUPER excited to be a part of this society simply because everything that the Ugly Cupcake Society stands for I believe. I may not be a top notch cupcake, but I am happy with being different.

Last night I signed up for the first Ugly Cupcake Challenge. The challenge is to lose 5 lbs. in one week. Can it be done? Well you will have to stay tuned and find out if it can be! I honestly believe that anything can be achieved if your mind is put to the test.
So tonight I ate my last enjoyable meal like I always do before starting a new diet. I kinda over did it with the ice cream sandwich that was calling my name in the freezer. I wish that was the only food calling my name. I cooked my favorite Enchilda w/hashbrown dinner for dinner. I snacked while making them so I ended up eating one enchilda, a scoop of beans, and hashbrowns. I usually drink water with all my meals, but yesterday knowing that I was going on this challenge diet, I drank a soda. I wish I could say it was a 12oz can, but it turns out to be a 24oz. bottle. I have no idea what came over me, but I know that my cal count was well over what was suppose to be consumed.

I am excited to start this weight loss challenge tomorrow, because like many defeat isn’t an option for me. I have been on and off the wagon of dieting. I really needed something to pick me up again and make me accountable. As I sit here blogging I am making the promise to you and myself that I am going to follow this challenge through. Through with no sneek ups or cheat meals. I am going to blog my daily meals and workouts so I can be accountable to myself for each day. I will not weigh myself until the morning of April 9th when weigh in is due. Wish me luck!

Done Phat Chic

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