Ugly Cupcake Society

After reading another blog and feeling the excitment and acceptance she felt joinig this society, I had to see what all the talk was about. I absolutely loved the whole meaning behind the "Ugly Cupcake Society." I am now a proud member of the Ugly Cupcake Society.

The Ugly Cupcake Society was discovered and brought to life by a woman whose blog site is Bascially this woman wrote what many of us probably thought, but she had guts enough to post it. The cupcakes are used to symbolize the perfect look, and muffins who aren't just the same, but are fine with being different.

I have no problem with being different, so who cares if I am not the hottest cupcake on the block. I love being a muffin!! So those of you who don't mind being different either and are up for the Ugly Cupcake Society challenge click on the cupcake/muffin link to become a member. I nominate all of you to join us!!

Have a Muffin time!! :)


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